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Nā Hoaloha makes an impact in the community by reaching hundreds of kupuna who might otherwise have to reside in institutional care. Through our dedicated and compassionate volunteers, Maui County seniors have the opportunity to be engaged with others; build friendships; and attend to their basic needs of medical care, shopping for food and medication, adapt their homes to reduce falls, and overall have quality of life. Nā Hoaloha volunteers provide non-medical services that are not covered under Medicare or Medicaid and are not typically delivered through the long-term care delivery system offered by State and local agencies. The services provided by Nā Hoaloha volunteers save Maui County roughly $800,000 annually; and provide the informal caregiving that makes a difference in the way in which a senior can age in place.

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Participant Testimonials

Participant Testimonials

“It’s because of Nā Hoaloha that someone in this situation would be able to be matched up with a friend.  I really feel God sent us this friendship.  I have learned a lot from her and am so glad she has been a part of my life!  I wish you all well and thank you for being part of such a great organization.”

“The program is a Godsend; it allows me time to do the things I need to do.”

“Angels, you are all angels”

“Thank you for your service.  It has made our transition so much easier.”

“My volunteer takes me to the doctor and shopping.  Sometimes we go out to lunch together.  I recently had an MRI and I was afraid.  My volunteer came with me and waited outside.  I give Nā Hoaloha A+++.  We have developed a lovely friendship.  Sometimes they just come by and drop mangoes at my door.”

“People don’t realize the stress of caregiving obligations.  Nā Hoaloha has helped immensely.”

“Totally improved our family’s quality of life 200%”.

“There is no way I can tell you how much this has helped.  I care for my mother 24/7.  She has dementia and I have no time with my husband. I was able to have some help so that I could spend alone time with my husband of 48 years on our anniversary.  The respite gave me a wonderful memory.”

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Volunteer Testimonials

“Coming from a large family of 12 children living in Pu’unene, we were often helped by our relatives, neighbors and friends with food, clothes and school supplies.  Now as an adult, I am paying it forward by volunteering with Nā Hoaloha.  My message is this:  Whenever the opportunity arises where you can volunteer, just do it!  You may think it is a small or insignificant thing, but I assure you it is a big deal for those who are in need.”

“Volunteering is an act of kindness.  It does not require a specific skill, as long as it is done with genuine intentions and a pure heart.  Sharing my heart with elders who can’t get to the doctor, or get food is my way of caring for another soul.”

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